In which a bit of an enthusiast receives a gift, wonders what to do with it and comes to An Important Decision

Ring… ring.  That’s the phone.  It’s my mum… “Hi mum…”: It starts as an ordinary chat, and ends with a proposition:  would you like to choose six patterns for yourself?

Well, what’s the answer to that question?  Duh- it’s yes, isn’t it?  Now at this point I must tell you that this conversation dates back to New Year.  It’s the weekend of the Sew Direct sale and I’m on limited time- it being a weekend sale and me being more than a little indecisive- have worn a total of one items I’ve made from a pattern (and that took me six months to make), am in the middle of the never-ending blouse that is my Sassy Librarian and am nearing the end of a period of several months of extreme fatigue.  Will I ever, ever, EVER get to use this lovely gift?



Fast forward a few months and the energy is back, I’ve made two skirts (a Beignet and a quick jersey skirt), finished my Sassy (finally- it only took me two years from point of buying the fabric to finishing it!)  and made a top from the GBSB sewing book- I’m riding high on a wave of MUST SEW ALL OF THE THINGS EVERYWHERE NOW.

So what’s a girl to do but ride the wave, start a blog, and keep sewing?  Want to hear more about the Six Pattern Challenge?  ‘Course you do.  And also I’d like you to come back again.  So I’m pulling you in with my tempting ways and the promise of a premise.  Until then!


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14 thoughts on “In which a bit of an enthusiast receives a gift, wonders what to do with it and comes to An Important Decision

  1. Absolutely the right way forward. I did just the same, ie start a blog as a form of own butt kicking and it worked. It grows as the best addiction you ever had… you just need to keep feeding it! Have duly added you to my Bloglovin’ feed and looking forward to reading your posts already! 🙂


  2. Woohoo! Super excited about the new blog AND the challenge! I may have to join you in some way – I really do need the encouragement. So much to do and not nearly enough energy – PLEASE help! 😄😘


  3. I’m so excited….I feel like I found you on Instagram just in the nick (Nik? Knick? Knickers!?) of time!!! I’m half hoping that if I get involved enough, in time, your family might want to adopt me and teach me to sew!!! A girl can dream Xxx


    • Jen, you’re welcome to join the family in a slightly fabric-based Sicilian mobster kind of way. Or even just a normal sort of way, either way I’m so happy you came to check the blog out, thanks!


  4. Hi there! I have nominated your blog for a Liebster award! If you want to accept it, come on over to my place & read all about it. You may have received one already! It’s so exciting to see a new blog. Congrats!


    • Hi Karen! Thanks for your warm comments!! I’ve had a look at your blog too and really enjoyed reading it. Can I defer your very kind offer of an award for the time being? I have such a huge list of responsibilities and I would hate to leave it and leave it (wanting to read all about it and do it properly) for lack of time and that to come across as rude! That would be uncool!
      I’m so grateful you dropped by; off to read a bit more!
      Lou x


  5. What a nice way to start a blog! I feel your enhousiasm will make me come over on a regular basis! Did you sew the blouse you are wearing on the picture? I like it very much!
    A bientôt!


    • Hiya Chloe! So cool to have you visit! Oh how I wish I had but (shhhh!) it’s from! I’m told there’s a Victory Patterns blouse called the Roxanne which is similar and I’m tempted to get it to replicate this one!
      All the best


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