In which a bit of an enthusiast realises it was All Just A Dream

I’m float-float-floating in a happy haze of me-made in the grand hallways of the marbled and venerable Victoria and Albert Museum.  Cool air wafts my new hi-lo hem dreamily about as the gentle murmur of seamstress’ voices puncture the atmosphere.  Half-giddy, I realise the gentle murmur is turning to an angry buzzing.  Burning eyes, gorgeous outfits are storming my direction and all of a sudden my carefully ironed, carefully planned outfit is being torn to fluttering shreds decorating the shining floor.  The shame!  How dare I turn up to an auspicious sewing bloggers’ event in my several-times remade, not-quite-fitting, poorly-positioned-pleats skirt?


I’m awake.  It was a pre-big-event anxiety dream and my outfit rests unwittingly in the wardrobe.  Angry stitchers?  No!  They’re not real.  They never arrive at the gathering.  But I do, in my (slightly held together with a safety pin- yes indeed) skirt.  And the other NYLon2014 attendees are friendly and chatty and the bright eyes are full of joy at watching and waiting and chatting and drinking and shopping with friends who Get It.  They get the nerdy detailing and the love of touching fabric and the prints and the colours and yes:  the gorgeous outfits fittingly embellish the venerable museum halls.  The Cinderella’s sisters dream is just that.  But these ladies are real.  And fun!  And fabulous- of course.

Side view of Nautical hi-lo skirt


My hi-lo hem goes down pretty well- “is that a Flora skirt?” begs the question time and again- the answer is: “no; but it is inspired by it!”.  Before the Flora I’m not convinced I’d even seen a hi-lo hem, much less thought I’d consider wearing one.  But hey- it’s a short, pretty skirt with a floaty back hem and no flashing all inone joyous package.  That skirt style is certainly going to be making further appearances in this wardrobe.  Now all I need to do is be brave enough to cut into the fancy fabric I bought for it.  In the meantime I’ve made another with straight hem using a wax print-esque polycotton I bought as a souvenir from the Goldhawk road on the big day.



This skirt is the McCalls 6706.  It has deep pleats with several options for banding, the hi-lo hem and a plain skirt.  It also comes with a petticoat pattern.

Fabric and notions: Cheap nautical cotton from Minerva; cheap polycotton from a Goldhawk Road shop.  Metal zip,2 hooks and eyes.  Safety pin to remind me of my folly.

Nautical Hi-lo skirt front: swish factor

Some swishing occurred during this shoot

Likes:  The hi- lo hem- I LOVE it!

The numerous options.

The pleats are fab.  And it’s pretty easy make (unless you have my illogical brain).

NYLon2014 Pleat Skirt

Issues:  The fitting- this is my rookie-ness showing up.  I forgot that my size is a 10 in this pattern apart from my waist which their chart states is a 16 (straight up-and-down figure alert).  So of course I cut a straight 10, forgot to mark appropriately and made a too-small waistband.  I lied to myself about my waist size but as many experienced stitchers will tell you: the numbers do not lie!  I hope this is a lesson learned.  Anyway, much annoyance later and I ended up with a too-big skirt.  Round two was somewhat quicker and easier but still too big- hey, some people learn quickly.  I do not number among them.  But I sure love this pattern!

NYLon2014 Pleat Skirt: side view



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13 thoughts on “In which a bit of an enthusiast realises it was All Just A Dream

  1. Hey, I loved your skirt and I don’t lie. 😉
    Seriously, and this has happened to me often enough, I didn’t notice anything wrong with your skirt, nobody ever does. Your skirt was cool all around and up and down. And I loved talking to you. That meet up was kind of magic wasn’t it?


    • IT WAS! Totally wonderful and now I get to read all these wonderful people’s stuff too. Loved it! I’m so pleased you liked the skirt and I’ve even taken the waist band off to fix it since!!


  2. Very nice indeed. I love both of them but the straight hem version gets my vote because I love the fabric so much and I am not quite sure how I feel about short hi-lo hems yet – long ones definitely, but then again that is a train which I adore! 😄 keep up the excellent job on your six pattern challenge and ring me if you need encouragement OR a kid up the pants!!


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