In Which A Bit of an Enthusiast Ticks One Project Off

McCalls 6706 in Shell Print Cotton

Me and a sheep. Hanging out (as you do).

Well folks, this certainly has been a decent Summer so far for floaty skirts and whatnot.  I’m very much enjoying wearing my latest.  Want in on the surprise?  It’s the exact same skirt as the previous two.  I know, I know.  But I’m consolidating my tekkers, ‘k?

McCalls 6706 Hi Lo Shell Print Cotton 2

May I take you back in time?  See, this skirt has its very own sweet memory association.  Let me expand:

It was a rainy December day (this is London, y’know), and I was meeting other sewing people IN THE REAL WORLD.  Scary!  Actually, it wasn’t because they were blimmin’ lovely and very welcoming.  And as we swished our way (I always imagine stitchers swish everywhere, like Eliza Doolittle post-transformation, or Gigi gliding, elegantly, into chairs.  Don’t ask me why:  I just do) through the V&A museum we happened upon a glorious, green, bias-cut 30’s affair.  It was love at first sight for, I’m guessing, all of us as we oohed and ahhed over the delectable dress.   It was A Moment.

McCalls 6706 Hi Lo Shell Print Cotton 3


I love this fabric- don’t you?  Those lovely  shells? make me think of Thirties prints and patterns and for that reason every time I see this skirt it reminds me of that lovely moment with those lovely first stitchers I met.

McCalls 6706 Hi Lo Shell Print Cotton 4

My photographer decided to make things action-based. I’m such a goof.


Can I say I’m very much Still Loving the hi-lo hem.  Or is it a dipped hem?  Or is that something else altogether?  Either way, it’s fun to wear and pretty nice to swish about in!


McCalls 6706 Hi Lo Button Detail

Fabulous button detail: I was so, so pleased when I found this in Grandma’s tin of old, old buttons!



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12 thoughts on “In Which A Bit of an Enthusiast Ticks One Project Off

  1. That is so pretty, a lovely skirt and so nice to be able to repurpose grandma’s old button. I know the dress you’re talking about in the V&A, it’s divine. I wish I’d gone to the meet up but I wussed out at the last minute. Maybe next time!


    • Thanks love! I wore it out to our wedding anniversary celebration this week so it gets a thumbs-up from me! Shame about the meetup BUT there are a few exhibitions on at the mo… I’m sure some meetups are bound to happen!

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