In Which A Bit of an Enthusiast goes on a blog hop

Hello hello!  I’m on a blog hop which means Marie from A Stitching Odyssey has posed some blogging questions for me so read on if you want to know more!  If you’re not in the mood, I’ve littered the post with lots of pictures of unblogged makes- enjoy!

Why do I write?

Saint Augustine once wrote “I count myself one of the number of those who write as they learn and learn as they write.”  Writing consolidates my thoughts and my learning- but in a nifty turn as I write I’m learning.  The process of writing seems to turn some creaky cogs and wheels.  This is one reason I started blogging donkeys years ago- this is my third blog- and why this blog now exists.  I’m a-learnin’ and I’m a-writin’ and I’m a-learnin’.

My Sewing Space

One bit of my sewing space- a billy bookcase in the lounge!

What am I working on?

Isn’t it funny how many creatives don’t have just one project- we have The Landing Strip (as my mother puts it).  There are loads of ideas in the air just waiting in the queue until they get to land on the cutting table or wherever your creative outlet finds itself!.

Colette Patterns Licorice Dress

My Colette Patterns Licorice dress from the Colette Handbook in Liberty Pepper print (and some biscuits I made for a wedding, nom nom)

As you know I’m working on the Six Pattern Challenge- but guess what?  There are loads of lovely patterns out there vying for my attention.  So I’m trying to keep myself in check, prioritising the 6 patterns when all the creating possibilities start getting out of control.

Specifically, I’m doing the Knit Your First Sweater course on Craftsy;  I’m about to cut out the pj’s pattern from my challenge;  today I’ve been thread basting & marking my first Sencha blouse in a gorgeous grey and navy fabric and I’ve just finished my dress from Chinelo’s workshop.  Oh- and I’m dreaming about the knit Megan dress I’ll be tracing off very soon.

Boys' Birthday Crown

A felt crown I made for my little boy when he turned one- I love making these. Felt is so forgiving and the embellishment options are endless!

Creative time looks a bit different from when I didn’t have children (and even looks different going from having one to having two kids).  I’ve had to figure out how to manage my expectations and how best to use my time.  It’s lovely being able to do the kid thing and do the making things thing.  I plan on posting about sewing in a small house and also about sewing with two children in tow so watch this space!

How does it differ from others of its genre?

It’s all in the name-  I’ve set myself a modest challenge to sew six specific patterns in one year.  When I set the challenge it was all I could do to imagine sewing one pattern in a year, never mind six!  I’m excited that I have a bit of a story arc going on and I hope it will develop into a blog that is fun to read and one people will want to come back to and engage with again and again.

Tablecloth Skirt

This circle skirt is made from a tablecloth found in a Southport charity shop. J’adore.

How does my writing process work?

I consider this blog my home online, but before I had this landing place I was already microblogging on social media.

Christmas meetup

Marie (A Stitching Odyssey) and Erin (Miss Crayola Creepy) at a rainy Christmastime meetup in London, 2013

I think of my blogging in two forms: a long form and short form.  The short form is day-to-day engagement on my social media platforms of choice (twitter, Instagram & a small amount on Pinterest).  This is wonderful as a way to connect with others- plus I feel it’s really good to be a positive and engaging voice online.

NYLon Nametag

This I made for a nametag swap this year with some Sashiko embroidery

The long form is this blog- and I’m trying to get into a regular writing and publishing rhythm.  I will generally have a publish date in mind, writing my chosen subject a few days beforehand.  Once I sit and just type the ideas free flow.  Ideally I will sit on the first draft for a few hours/a day before editing the content, then letting it sit again before I edit the grammar etc., tidy up and add photos.  I haven’t done this for my last two posts- I just bashed them out, edited and published and honestly I’m not totally happy with the tone of one and the mass of ideas in the other.  They’re not really crafted so this is something I’ll be mindful of in the future.


Roses Tea Cosy

I knitted this a few years ago from a Crafty Hens pattern. It’s so toasty I take this cosy camping for my tea!

Thanks for dropping by and reading my thoughts on making and blogging.  I’d love for you to check out two lovely ladies’ blogs in one week’s time- they’ll be answering the same questions from their own perspective which I’m excited to hear more about!

Michele from Swiss Army Wife is my mum!  I love that my mother blogs all about what she’s up to- this lady is no stranger to dabbling in any kind of creative pursuit imaginable.  Plus she has a huge sewing room, keeps bees and makes wine.  This is a good lady to make friends with!

Jacq from Jacq Made It is just too cool for school.  Her blog is gorgeous, her style is wonderful and one day just ask who she’s fitted swanky dresses for in her time at a bridal shop in London!  Plus our husbands used to be in a band together.  My kind of gal.

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8 thoughts on “In Which A Bit of an Enthusiast goes on a blog hop

  1. Really interesting to hear what goes on ‘behind the blog’. You’re mum’s so right (as mums always are) about the landing strip. It’s so frustrating to have all those projects waiting to land, especially with small kids to keep you busy.


  2. Hey – cool read. Landing strip concept is so me as well. I mostly blame the kidlets 😉 but do tend to have a world of concepts and projects floating around constantly.
    I’d love to read a post about how you juggle creative time with kids!


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