In Which A Bit of an Enthusiast Dabbles in Free Cutting Dressmaking

Lookee- I made a dress at a workshop!  With Chinelo of Sewing Bee fame herself!

Chinelo Dress 1

Let’s pretend I’m doing the hula- properly– here.

I probably just about missed it with the weather on this one, since both times I’ve worn this dress it’s been with a cardi and by this point Autumn is well and truly here (as in, I bought a squash and turned it into fake-but-real canned pumpkin (pardon me- squash) to make all manner of Autumn-themed treats).  But- BUT- I really do like it!

Chinelo Dress 3

Look- the thing is it’s not exactly my finest hour of dressmaking.  It’s pretty shabby in places (oh my-that zip!  It’s a shocker!), the straps a little too apron-y for my liking and I probably need some new- ahem- underpinnings to work with the scooped back or face looking flatter than the top of Table Mountain on a clear day (see photos for proof).  But most of it was made on a whim (see here for an earlier post with more class pics) with the aid of the one and only Chinelo Bally who pretty much gave me free rein on this baby and guided me through it.

Chinelo Dress Scoop Back

When I got home I decided that it needed lining to give that bodice a bit of oomph and- proud moment- I replicated what I’d learnt at the workshop a week later.  In my house.  Without help.  So, with replicated bodice part deux snugly attached, zip finally on and the straps dilemma sorted (I went with ties for a halter thanks to some excellent brainstorming with mum in law) we now have a fitted bodice dress, with halter ties, circle skirt and scoop back.  Happy dance (but only next Summer, when I can wear it again)!

Want to see the most ridiculous photo everrrr?  I was messing ’round with my kids and this…thing… appeared.  That used be a balloon dog.  Now it’s just kind of rude and hilarious, as balloons often are in the most festive way.  Enjoy me being a dork!




8 thoughts on “In Which A Bit of an Enthusiast Dabbles in Free Cutting Dressmaking

  1. I cannot tell how much I wish that I had been able to go on that course with you, but you have done a superb job on your first free cutting dressmaking dress. I love the fabric you chose and it will be so lovely next summer (sigh sadly that summer is already a thing of the past). As for that final picture, it is too funny and I can only imagine how funny the children must have thought it was. Now be brave and try something else with your new skills – a nice autumn outfit? xx


  2. Oh I love everything!! First the dress, second the story (what you got to do it with Chinello, you lucky one!!), third the fabric and last but not least: the funny picture!!
    Thanks a lot for this moment of fun!


  3. Say NO to autumn sewing (yet). It’s still September, right? Tropical prints are totally fine until the 1st of December, my personal opinion 🙂 . Love that dress! Not apron-y at all.


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