In Which A Bit of an Enthusiast Wraps That Challenge Up

By Hand London Victoria Blazer in chambray

Oh reader:  our time has come.  Thanks for sticking here.  I may have stretched the rules a wee bit by allowing my challenge to end in (cough) June when a year was technically a month ago.

Now I’m going to state the blindingly obvious-  I made more than six garments this last year.  But I’m jolly pleased with how it’s all turned out!  My technique has improved vastly and my speed (whilst not exactly hare-paced) is better than when I started out.  Heavens- I even pin faster!

Before we continue, shall we look at my final piece for the Six Pattern Challenge?  I present my By Hand London Victoria chambray blazer.

By Hand London Victoria Blazer in chambray

This was last minute sub for a bra which was the substitute (less said of that mess the better, she says shaking her fist at the tatty pile of threads and elastics that’s masquerading as a half-finished toile in the sewing box…)  for the rain jacket.

The rain jacket pattern, by the way, I still like a lot.  I simply decided towards the end of the year that I’d had enough following rules and I wanted to make something that I really wanted.

By Hand London Victoria Blazer in chambray

So let me wrap up (with a fist pump, yeah!) my year of six patterns.  I started with the notion that if- if- I could only accomplish making these six (and if I’m honest this time last year I wasn’t convinced I could) patterns that would be an awful lot more making than before.  I’d been aching to make more…stuff.  Wasn’t sure what direction to take for the longest time.  So now I’m properly on this me-made clothes wagon I’m pretty chuffed I’ve made it this far with many more than six items to wear with love and pride!  Will I wrap up the blog now I’m done?  No.

By Hand London Victoria Blazer in chambray

This has been excellent impetus to keep making, keep getting inspired, keep learning new techniques, keep the conversation going with other makers who I now call friends.  I’m part of the community and I love it.  It’s such a joy adding my own little thread into the always-weaving story that’s happening amongst people who love to distil some of themselves into a handmade, hand worked, hand crafted, personal item.  Thanks for cheering me on here, on social media, in real life.  Now to enjoy some rule-free sewing, hurrah!

By Hand London Victoria Blazer in chambray



Pattern is the By Hand London Victoria Blazer  for my Six Pattern Challenge.  

The Chambray One- view A- the outer is of a dark blue chambray from Rolls & Rems (Lewisham) and the lining is a lovely cream polyester (I think!) something-or-other (very heavy and very drapey) with tiny black- adorable- bows from my expert-enabler mother.  Because of the nature of the lining it will not lie flat which is a burden I can bear considering it- as before noted- has tiny black bows on it.  It was shortened a small amount so I can wear with skirts and not flatten them.   Look, the pockets are wonderful.  I’m rather proud of my fabric combos.  Could probably do with a bit more room in the upper arms but my arms are skinny twigs so I’m not sure I want to grade up to the next size (any advice on such things gratefully received!).  Adios, friends.  I’m celebrating with a cup of tea and sewing a couple of darts into my next project!

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16 thoughts on “In Which A Bit of an Enthusiast Wraps That Challenge Up

  1. Congratulations!! That’s great you’ve achieved your goal! I love your blazer too. I’ve got the cropped version cut out & ready to sew. I quite fancy a chambray version too now!


    • Hi Kathryn!
      Thanks for your lovely comments! It’s such a lovely enjoyable piece of sewing so I’m sure you’ll love making your own! Chambray is very versatile, I’m finding (so long as you can handle the rumpled look!).
      Lou x


  2. Yay, congratulations on completing your challenge! It’s been so great reading along the way and getting to know you a bit more. Your blog posts and photography are always so much fun and your determination is inspiring. Glad to know you lovely lady xxx


  3. Well done…you made it! In my book late by a few weeks over a year is a great result …as a project manager I should know😀 The jacket is gorgeous and the lining is so lovely. My only comment is when lining a garment try making it from more slippy material so it is easy to get on and off…also, you then won’t feel that the arms are as tight because the lining doesn’t bind as much on your under garment. I have loved following your challenge and can’t wait to see what comes next. Keep up the incredible work….I am constantly amazed at how much you manage in short sewing sessions in between raising a family and running a very busy home. I salute you! 😊


    • Ooh now there’s a project management tidbit I didn’t know! You make it sound like a good achievement- thanks Ma!! THanks for the great tip about lining too- that’s really handy. THank you for being a wonderful cheerleader & my expert enabler!!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Well, this is gosh-darned adorable! I love it on you! I need to revisit this pattern! I made it four times in rapid-fire succession, but only once for myself and I would really like another!

    Your project sounds like a great success! I hope you’re super proud!


  5. Wooo! Level up! Seriously this is brilliant. Such a good little initiative. I can’t wait to see what you make next now that you’ve gone rogue.


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