In which yours truly gives some pointers on the path to completing the Sencha blouse

Hey all!  Last week I showed you my new Sencha blouse so this week I thought I might share with you some ideas for getting the Sencha Top pattern from Colette Patterns to fit.  Additionally if you would like to use your muslin as a pattern and/or add French Seams throughout (great for very light fabrics), I’ve covered those as well.  Now this could make for a very dull post indeed (particularly if you have no intention of making a Sencha blouse) so I’m sharing my tips with you in a pdf document!


**Edit:  French Seaming this blouse is not totally straightforward- but it can be done with a little rearrangement of the steps.  If you’d like to French Seam your Sencha then do grab a copy of the tips and tricks document- there’s a step by step section right in there.**


Grey Sencha Blouse from Colette Patterns side view

“When I started fitting my Sencha using a muslin I was a bit stymied.  I turned to sewing blogs to help and encountered similar fit problems to my own muslin’s- my fit problems were:

  • A very high neckline- this is part of the beauty of the blouse but it needed to be more comfy around my throat!
  • vertical fabric lines dropping down the back- an indication of too much room at the back
  • horizontal fabric crease lines across the bust- an indication of too little room in the front around the arms and/or bust
  • the armholes just felt too tight”

You can click here to grab your own copy  of Tips for Sewing Your Sencha Top

So guys, since this is a first for us let’s just say I’d really welcome kind feedback- feel free to drop me a line!

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