In which a bit of an enthusiast muddles through An Explanation, fudges through Some Rules and gets the ball (stickily) rolling

Ah, you’re back.  Told you about my tempting ways, din’ I?  About how there was this challenge?  Guess I’d better outline it, then.  And put some Rules in place.  Ohhhh- rules.  How we all loves them and abides by them ALL THE TIME, right?  Wrong.

Confession:  the minute I came up with the challenge (I mean, it’s a good one.  Really.  No, really.) I started breaking the rules… and the thing is there weren’t even any rules yet.  I could pontificate on this being the perfect summing-up of the state of the human heart but hey, you’re not here for theology, you’re here for THE SEWING.  So the sewing leads to the blog and the blog leads to the challenge and the challenge leads to the already-broken rules.  Reader, how am I ever going to win this challenge?

I put it to you to help me, cheer me on and generally give me a kick up the proverbial vented seam (seewhatididthere?) in the comments.  Or watch on and see me fail in a year which could give us all a good bit o’ jollification and lead to some kind of social gathering that involves imbibing nice things like wine and gin and tonics and oh dear I’ve gone and got distracted.  You’re not here for the alcohol.  You’re here for THE SEWING.  Or at least-

The Six Pattern Challenge- in which a bit of an enthusiast sews six patterns in a year plus the rules:  I, a bit of an enthusiast, will challenge myself to sew the six gifted patterns by May 2015.  I may swap a maximum of two of those patterns out for something else of my choosing.  Once I complete two patterns, I may reward myself; buying an indie pattern of my choosing (but maybe with a little help from you).  If I choose to make a garment that is a non-swapped-out item, this will be in addition to the six-patterns-in-a-year challenge (thus adding to the riskiness of finishing the challenge).  If I get stuck I will call on those here present to aid me by taking me out somewhere for a G&T and a stiff talking-to.


Well that’s all said and done so I guess it’s on to the sewing.

What?  You want to know what the patterns are?  Like, specifics and everything?  Gosh, you are taking this seriously.  It bodes well for my cheerleading and accountability so how’s about I keep you hanging (those tempting ways again) for next time?  For now, bonjour, bonsoir, bon sewing.


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In which a bit of an enthusiast receives a gift, wonders what to do with it and comes to An Important Decision

Ring… ring.  That’s the phone.  It’s my mum… “Hi mum…”: It starts as an ordinary chat, and ends with a proposition:  would you like to choose six patterns for yourself?

Well, what’s the answer to that question?  Duh- it’s yes, isn’t it?  Now at this point I must tell you that this conversation dates back to New Year.  It’s the weekend of the Sew Direct sale and I’m on limited time- it being a weekend sale and me being more than a little indecisive- have worn a total of one items I’ve made from a pattern (and that took me six months to make), am in the middle of the never-ending blouse that is my Sassy Librarian and am nearing the end of a period of several months of extreme fatigue.  Will I ever, ever, EVER get to use this lovely gift?



Fast forward a few months and the energy is back, I’ve made two skirts (a Beignet and a quick jersey skirt), finished my Sassy (finally- it only took me two years from point of buying the fabric to finishing it!)  and made a top from the GBSB sewing book- I’m riding high on a wave of MUST SEW ALL OF THE THINGS EVERYWHERE NOW.

So what’s a girl to do but ride the wave, start a blog, and keep sewing?  Want to hear more about the Six Pattern Challenge?  ‘Course you do.  And also I’d like you to come back again.  So I’m pulling you in with my tempting ways and the promise of a premise.  Until then!


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