In Which A Bit of An Enthusiast Admits To Ignoring A Favourite Thing In Lieu of A New Favourite Thing

Tweed Grey Hollyburn

Dear River Island Favourite Favourite Grey Tweed Dirndl Skirt with the secret, tiny flocked black hearts on the inside- you were my first love.  My first skirt love, I mean.

Tweed Grey Hollyburn side

You started a passion for skirts with sweater tops and tees, skirts with big belts, skirts with cowboy boots, skirts with cute Mary Jane flats… five years of Skirt Love which you kindled.  But time passes and threads start wearing thin.  It’s not that I wanted to replace you- I just wanted to preserve you, you see.

Tweed Grey Hollyburn pocket & tab closeup

Which is why Hand Made Favourite Grey Tweed Hollyburn Skirt appeared on the scene and you were, sadly, relegated to the drawer.   I do have a guilty start when I see you lurking under a pile of pajama bottoms.  But you see, Grey Tweed Hollyburn is new and handmade and has lovely crisp pockets and cute vintage buttons on the tabs… well, you know how it goes.

Tweed Grey Hollyburn

It’ll need washing before too long and then you’ll see the light of day again.

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