In Which A Bit Of An Enthusiast Takes On Frilly Trews And Loses

Kwik sew 3882

Dear Reader: I think I’ve been hoodwinked.  I’m pretty sure anyone who used this pattern was.  Let’s talk pyjamas.  They’re simple, surely?  In this case, a simple jersey (stretchy fabric) vest top and a simple pair of long bottoms with drawstring.  How many pattern pieces d’you reckon the trews would take?  Two?  Four?  Six?

Kwik Sew 3882

How about 10?!  I’m afraid this is very much a Case of the Over-Engineered Pyjama Bottoms.  Is it too dramatic to suggest I was exhausted after cutting all those pieces out?  Never mind stitching the many bits and bobs together until we finally- finally- had a working pair of pj’s!  The other problem is this:  there’s a massive great FRILL along the top- just where a gal wants extra fluff, right?  Wrong!

Kwik Sew 3882

She was delighted she had, at last, learned to read

Should’ve guessed when the pattern packaging showed the models wearing their vest tops tucked in.  Really.  Who on earth wears their pyjama top tucked in?  Butlers?  Statisticians?  No-one, that’s who.  Unless you have a ruddy great frill on your trews that looks weird unless you’re neatly tucked in like a starched sheet on a matron’s bed.

Kwik Sew 3882

See what I mean about that frill?  Unnecessary fluff!

That aside, the vest is fine.  I’ve worn these to death thanks to the very soft and drapey fabric.  But next time I think I’ll stick with simple and make the Margot bottoms out of Love at First Stitch!

Kwik Sew 3882

Yes, I always look this put-together (stop sniggering) and relaxed after catching my z’s…

In other news– and here’s a bit of a spoiler (wink)- I’ve successfully mastered the Six Pattern Challenge I set myself a year ago.  I haven’t, however, made myself Mistress of Time and therefore we’ll all have to wait till next week for the finale…


Details: Jim Jams are the Kwik Sew 3882 pattern, made up with a cheap-as-chips drapey something-or-other from the lady on the corner near Deptford Lounge.  It was about £2 or so for three metres!  After a zillion washes (yup, I made this quiiiiiite a long time ago!) it’s almost flannel-y and wonderfully soft.  The vest is a grey marl jersey from Rolls and Rems in Lewisham, reasonaly priced undoubtedly but not something I remember now.  It’s lovely and soft too.  It’s fairly roomy but cosy and I’m sure could be used for tank tops for general wear, if I were tempted, without any problems.  The trews are made with a 6mm/1/4″ seam allowance for some bizarre reason- now I’m a Grown Up Stiticher I know that’s a SA you’d use for quilting- not a pair of oft-washed bottoms!  Consequently, they’re sort of falling apart.  All that aside and even with the unloved frill, these get worn all the time!  Except in public (until today, that is…)

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