Thanks for dropping by!  This blog documents a year-long challenge I did in 2014/2015.  Spoiler alert:  I completed the challenge!  It was great fun.  I have no further plans to blog for now and indeed am on a long, long, long and wonderful break from social media if you’re wondering why my Twitter and Instagram feeds are sorely out of date.  I’m still contactable though- just hit me up on the comments section or on the email address provided on the front page.

Some fun facts:

*you can call me Louise (or Lou.  I live in London, so most people call me Lou :0))

*I don’t usually wear a cowboy hat (psssst… it’s a kids’ dressup hat someone stuck on my head for funs)

*I started sewing a while back but found it annoying- here’s the secret- I found that sewing home furnishings and crafty bits and bobs was altogether too finicky and frustrating.  But when I got to making a real pattern to wear, all of a sudden I WANTED to do nice finishes and take my time.  It wasn’t annoying anymore!  Guess you could say I found my level.  Yup, selfish sewing.

*I’d like to get better (read: quicker) and make my man a cool jacket or coat (so y’know, it’s not alllll about the selfish sewing… mostly)

*My mum, sister and brother all sew too!  I’m trying to get my bro to blog (my mum blogs sporadically already… hint, hint, Ma.  Update time!)- he’s a handsome Northern ginger with a penchant for tailored clothes, bowties and cosplay.  I reckon his blog’d be a go-er.  Maybe I’ll start a petition.  Whenever I visit we do sewing sessions and fabric buying pilgramages.  It’s wicked fun.

*I play the bass guitar.  It’s a blonde, lightweight Yamaha, about nine years old, and sounds pretty nice through my Line 6 amp.  I play in the worship band at my church (and occasionally at weddings and parties).

*I love to chat sewing so leave comments, please do!  Or hit me up on Instagram, or twit me.


One thought on “About

  1. I love your blog and being able to keep a ‘sewing’ eye on you from a distance 😊. Your work is going from strength to strength and I know you will eventually, with a bit of patience, be able to knock together really cool stuff a lot quicker. Keep up the amazing work and the blog posts coming. PS. I have written a few posts on my blogs this week, so there!!! 😘


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