In Which A Bit of an Enthusiast Sort of Shops the Look

Ever tried “shopping the look”?  Me neither.  Never seriously because- and I’ll let you in on a little secret- I’m a rubbish shopper.  This also means I’m a cheap date which is good news for Mr Enthusiast but not good news for my wardrobe.  Here’s another secret for you, gratis:  if you sew your own clothes, you do not have to shop the look.  You can make the look your very own.  

Thrilling, non?

Where do you get your inspiration?  I’m pretty keen on the entire wardrobe worn by Jess Day, the lead character in sitcom New Girl.  Totes snazzy.  So when I saw this dress I decided, again:  I can make the look my very own.

Jess Day's Navy Dress

Image source

This dress.  Ooh lala.  It’s so pretty- the navy colour, the flat piped accents, that (as described on Modcloth) “fit and flare” style.  Erin's Flair for the Classics Dress from Modcloth

Image source


Navy and Mustard Megan Dress

When I laid my eyes on that dress I knew I could use it to inspire my own cute dress- I still had the recently-made Megan dress on my mind.  This time I wanted to try adding some details to a garment (such as piping)- and I had a scanty metre of this weird and adorable bargain bin Liberty cotton print in a lovely dark blue.

Navy and Mustard Megan Dress

The idea was sealed, Instagram stitchers quizzed as to which colour accent to use (mustard won out!) and away we were.Navy and Mustard Megan Dress back

I worked hard to make this dress in time for a lovely weekend away (here I’m standing at the promenade outside the De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill- such a wonderful little town!) and it showed me how much work goes into those details- it’s fully lined with a hand picked zip, flat piping on the sleeve hems, in the waistline and piping at the neckline.

Navy and Mustard Megan Dress


There’s also the faux placket down the front with the bow and cute buttons from grandma’s tin.  Phew!  I’ve worn it on two big occasions-both times with the Shrek legs (must find better tights options!)- and loved it!

All there is now is for me to leave you with this Jess Day quote.  A little insight into yours truly, if you like:

 I have touched glitter in the last 24 hours. I spend my entire day talking to children. And I find it fundamentally strange that you’re not a dessert person. It freaks me out.

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29 thoughts on “In Which A Bit of an Enthusiast Sort of Shops the Look

  1. Oh MY GOSH! If I could like this multiple times I would – but it won’t let me! This dress is an inspiration and looks gorgeous on you – and those tights set it off beautifully. I love the top – very flattering and all the little accents are definitely a triumph! A VERY well done to you xxxx


  2. Wowsers! Your dress is gorgeous. I love the yellow and blue, and agree that it is much nicer that the inspiration dress. I am in shock that this was made from a metre of fabric, and am now mentally stash-diving all the fabric ends that I have. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Lynne! You are so kind- I’m really glad lots of people love this dress too! I’m now thinking of a blue shirtdress (maybe one of the Lotus Pond ones from Cloud Nine fabrics??) with a sunshine yellow accent…
      Good for you stash diving! I was so pleased I managed (and it helped that I needed to cut the sleeves on the crosswise grain because I wanted the stripes in that direction…! Otherwise it would’ve been a sleeveless jobby!)


    • Hey Claire! Thank you so so much. I think it all works with the tights but as I said to Ingrid, in the city I seem to get away with it and elsewhere… well! It was met with more than a few open stares and small children’s comments haha! Thanks for the piping love- it was my first time doing piping!


    • Thank you Erin!! Can’t beat mustard really- I want more in my wardrobe! We’re loving NG (my fave ep is still the one where Winston got an ear piercing. I cried and cried with laughter!) although looking forward to the new season (3 I think) of Brooklyn 99 next!


    • Hi Jane! Thank you so much- funny, I often read your blog and think our taste in clothes and colour must be very similar! So I suppose your lovely comment proves my theory somewhat! Thanks again for your kind comment- Louise x


  3. I love your dress! I even prefer it than Jess’s (it’s the mustard and the cute little bow!!). I want the very same!

    Too bad, it’s difficult to see the details I wish I could see your flat piping…

    Well done anyway!

    Liked by 1 person

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