In Which A Bit of an Enthusiast Delves into the World of Stretch Fabric

Hey kids- I trust all’s shiny?  It’s been said before but it’s cooking hot in London and we’re all in shock.  Calm down, London, it’s only Summer.  I know, I know, it doesn’t usually happen so now we’re all secretly hoping the rain will stay for a week so we can wear knits and drink more tea (not that the heat is stopping the tea drinking.  One must stay hydrated) and eat pies and soup and Stay In.  London is weird when staying in becomes an event.  Staying in is what we do!  All over the internet people’s new Summer dresses (because we can get away with sewing more than one Summer dress and not have to be practical about it- viz. “if I sew another Summer item it’ll just never get worn.  I should sew something for our climate.  I really should”) are making an appearance.  So guess what?  Here’s mine!

Butterick 5211 Blue Jersey Dress

Butterick 5211


It’s the Butterick 5211, View A.  What’s new here?  Well, let me tell you:  I finished the second pattern in my six-pattern-challenge! Ahead of time (yeeehaw!).

The benefits are manifold:  I get my prize (a new pattern- double yeehaw!);  I’m getting a bit quicker at sewing processes;  I’m learning how to use small chunks of time to complete a garment (yay Marginal Aggregation of Gains!) and I’m learning new techniques.

This last was a double delight to me whilst reading Sarai’s wonderful memo to newbie stitchers– that lady comes up with gems of wisdom all the time.  What a treasure!

Butterick 5211 Blue Jersey Dress B&W

Kind of looks like a sack here. These pictures are terrible. Note to self: bribe the photographer with better treats next time.


New techniques here include using jersey (properly, using a pattern), changing a pattern for woven fabric to accomodate the use of said stretch fabric and trying front bodice lining instead of a neck facing (to make a neat neck and armhole seam).  Also- I’m in love with the overlock stitch on my machine!  It’s blimmin’ fantastic and makes for a really neat edge.  Oh, and twin needles.  Nice hems, what?

Butterick 5211 Blue Jersey Dress

When your photographer tries something new… like sprinkling a hosepipe whilst operating one’s iphone.


So you’re dying to know what’s next, right?   We’re ahead of schedule so I’m going ahead and fitting a Sencha blouse because  I don’t have enough blouses to go with all these skirts I’ve been sewing!  Until next time!

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5 thoughts on “In Which A Bit of an Enthusiast Delves into the World of Stretch Fabric

  1. Way to go girl!!! Another great make AND ahead of schedule; very proud of you considering your very lively family! 😄 Tell hubby that water and iPhones are not generally a good combination but he definitely gets marks for trying and the pics are fun😄😄😄


  2. Is the weather usualy THAT bad in London? I’m dreaming of drinking tea and eat scones in an english teashop, so I wouldn’t mind a little chill…
    Nice dress by the way (all knits?) and I disagree: the pictures are very fun and beautiful!
    Keep sewing, you’ll make it!


    • Hi Cloe! It’s definitely unusual- if you were to come over for tea and scones now you’d get the cooler temperatures you’d expect haha! In fact things are feeling a bit Autumnal which is strange!
      Yup, the dress is all knits – I’m planning a knit stripy dress from Tilly’s book soon. Thanks for your kind comments- I’ll pass them on to my photographer!
      Louise x


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